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Driving and Travelling

I came to Los Angeles for college when I was 19 and this city is so fucked up that everytime I go outside is a long distance travel. This city is also optimized for cars due to some companies want to sell more tires when people started building this city.

I got a very old Porsche Boxter for $6000 as my first car, after less than a year I baught a Gen 2 Toyota Prius for $4000. Basicly doing research before I chose Porsche Boxter teaches me what is a good car ideally, then driving those two cars taught me what should be a good car realistically with a factor of annual gross income.

I plan to get rid of these two cars and get a CVT Subaru Impreza to travel around more realisticlly. CVT's manual mode is not bad indeed, it's more like a Modern Terminal Simulator. MTs are good, but like a real Terminal, you have chances to fuck up the whole kernal.

I think an ideal combination would be a RAM1500 as my Grand Turismo and Toyota 86 as my roadster. But in order to achieve this goal I need to start treating making money as one of my life goal.

A Subaru Impreza is good for now, at least a 150+hp, a 4WD, plus a very matured CVT Transmission can make me get access to the whole North American Landscape. Not like China provides us highest end public transit that I can become a nomad with just a backpack, in North America I need those four wheel machines that burns gas even I wanna buy a bottle of CocaCola at convinience store.


Workout just simply helps me concentrate more and have healthier body so I can work longer and sleep better, and I do deliberitly train my muscles and endurance so my body can become more useful when I face some issues.


Shooting is not an exciting thing for me and I never think it should be treated seriously. But having a camera with SD card and manage my photos on hard drives time by time is good, since m iCloud Photos is too fucked up, and it's also a good way to record footage of life.

I don't think I'll ever use RAW since I never want to be professional on it, and JPEG is much more convinent. I really want to use Fujifil's silm simulation but those camera are going stupidly expansive nowadays and they're totally not worth the money, and I don't really like the handling and finish of these cameras.


We live on computers, that's why these devices are so important nowadays, it can be a very distractive devices but after you have a right mindset, maybe after you did enough meditation under the bodhi tree, it can become extension of yourself and you'll started understand how intelligent these systems are built. I still don't like machines that automatically do things for me but I don't like expecting tools fall from the sky either.


**I used to think only reading books certified by history is reading. But now I think reading articles from people's blogs is also cool. Reading is sometimes harder than watching videos when you are tired, but I think writing this the most direct way someone having a departure from his mind, so reading is the same vise versa.**

**I also watch videos since people also have similar workflow structure them as writing and it's even more complex, but I don't listen to any podcasts since I already bullshit with people too long everyday, and my ear is more used to listen to stuff with more density like Mingus Big Band.**


**I rather want to say human network is a very unstable network and sometimes you have to establish connection with people you don't want to connect since human society just often force random groups of people to stay together.**

**I think someone communicating with itsown is also a very hard proccess, and sometimes he needs help from people outside but human network is often too unstable to make sure nothing goes wrong. So having user autherity levels is very important.**

**But nothing is better than having a home, which is the ultra intimate exclusive human network, plus a few ultra stable connections from outside.**

Going to Groceries

**Going to groceries means seeing people's inventions, and have a glance at the ecosystem of the Modern Society.**

Practicing Instruments

**Practicing Instruments is also a way of Listening, the highest level of listening I guess.**

*Apart from getting something from your heart, I think treating it like just like going to gym and compare with people how fast who can play is also kinda cool.*


**Composing and Improvising, is getting some sound from your heart, and listening to music, is getting some sound into your heart. So I just treat them the same that they should all be highly glued together.**

*And even when I just fuck around on a Tracker or Piano like a kid without thinking, I'm judging the notes that I produced randomly and it's okay to record them if they're the sound to your heart.*


**Caffine helps me to maintain my daily schedual since my mindset is still not stable enough to keep me in expected routines everyday. I also like Krieug Machines since it gets me all the drinks quickly with simple steps, and it's also fun to get my drinks from ingridients by giving them high pressure.**

Drinking and Smoking

**I quit smoking cigs because I can also keep my concentration my maintaining at least 3 hours of cardio per week.**

Discovering Tools and Building Toolchains

**Discovering tools and building Toolchains seems like a procedure which is half like going to groceries and half like building but not from a ground level, and most of the time is a super entertaining activity to me and it hleps me think broader though in a shallower level but it helps reinforce my skillset anyways.**

**Two things I need to be aware of:

- **Always remember to go deeper**

- **This activity can be very toxic and addictive at the same time, so I remind myself not spending too much time on it/**


Building and Rebuilding

**I think learning stuff by rebuilding is very good. After I get enough knowledge from learning and rebuidling I can design and build my own.**

**I think composing is also a building process, but it's a very specific and special type of building so I treat it seperately.**

**Knowing how to design without knowing how to build is terrible, so I think nowadays people treating design as an independent subject is very fucked up.**



**I think I'm very unqualified when it comes to writing, thus I won't say so. But using language as a tool to do a backup of my memory, or just use it to build infrastructures to track my thoughts and work, like writing Wiki, is very good.**

**It can also come in a very entertaining way, talk some bullshit mentally or orally, write it down, talk some bullshit again, write it down, sturcture them, post or archieve. Texting people can also be a very good method.**